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Adventures In Longboarding
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About Me
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15 Jun 02

This is the birthdate of this site. As I build it, I
wait semi-patiently for my Gravity longboard. It's my first. Yep, I'm new to longboarding, but not skateboarding.
My goal is to eventually have a very informative site with useful links, pics, etc etc. I'll try to maintain this frequently as I hate finding personal longboard pages that haven't been tweaked in 3 years. What is that?! Just pull it down and stop causing fools like me to wonder if you bit asphalt one too many times.

This is me...
..and I don't like to wear shoes.


Here's a list of some of my favorite music:

David Bowie, The Velvet Underground, The Verve,
Cornelius, Stones pre-80's, Link Wray, PJ Harvey,
Dean Martin, The Kinks, Radiohead, Syd Barrett,
Shudder To Think, Cyclone Rangers, The Flaming Lips and
many, many others.

"Actually, people do pay attention now and then if what's
being said is intensely personal. Therefore, people will always listen to flattery and gossip." -- PJ O'Rourke