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Cary Grant


Here are some useful links for longboarding interests. I don't put up links I haven't personally visited and I don't put up links I don't feel comftorable recommending.
Also, the only links here I get anything from materially is Bozi boards. But no one is paying me to advertise for them. This is a personal site built by a longboarder. It is not a forum.

The only vendors links you will see displayed here are the ones whose product I use or have used and think are worth mentioning. Not all of these links are for vendors. Some are for info or amusement only. Go take a tour..have some fun..learn something...

Bozi Boards

Kaylee's Ditch Directory

Critical Thrash: Skatepark Reviews

Pleasure Tool Bearings.

The ever awesome 3dm skateboard wheels

Tracker Trucks

Terminator Bearings

Definently check out Frontside Betty. Awesome site!

No matter what you ride, it's ALL good so be supportive of your sisters.

Traveling longboarder? Check out Jeff Gaites' Longboard Maps..

Join the Skate Club ( if it's still working...?? )

Patio Mendino's site

Longboard buddha's site: Start your soul lessons here.

JC Walker's personal site

Gavin's Personal site: Boardstiff ( since 1999 )

Gravity Longboards.

Add Me!

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--Warren Zevon