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The following cartoon characters have been on an extended skate safari with no immediate plans to show up for work. This does not include Tense Authority. He's either at the doctor's office getting new meds for his hemmorhoids and ulcers or he's dutifully walking the beat, keeping the streets free of us evil, criminal skaters. No amount of harassing, threats, or temptations will bring The Mad Crew 'round till they're damn good and ready. Please file your complaints in the wastebasket next to your desk.



Hey yo', call me Kan-i.


Hey boys! Wanna race? ( The winner gets a I win either way!!)


You know that stuff in the early morning hours hanging in the air that you can feel but can't see? That's mist baby...


You can call me Sir you little punks! The rest of these losers call me Tense.

" We'll use a signal I have tried and found far-reaching and easy to yell.
Waa-hoo! "
--Zane Grey