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Gravity Mini-Carve: Deck = 42";Trucks = Randall 150's; wheels = Queen of the Stone Age; foam kicktail; Aloha design; black griptape.

Mini by Nash: Trucks = Deck = 17" @ 7 ply; X-RT2; wheels = ya got me; deck = all messed up; 1/2 black plastic risers.

Custom Mad Bomber by Bozi Boards: Trucks = Randall 180's w/ yellow bushings on 1/8"risers; wheels = 70mm/75a Flashbacks(sometimes with Flywheels ); bearings = Abec 7 PT's; Deck = 48" of 13 ply birch w/ Jessup grip tape. The finish on this board is jaw droppingly beautiful dark purple pearl and can be waxed and washed just like a car ( but i don't recommend an actual soaking ;-)

Mad Bomber II racing stripes: Randall 180's on 1.8" flat risers, T2 Pro Gold bearings in white Avila's. Mine is a bit unique coming in 2" longer than the boards sold now.

Bozi GS 36": Trackers ( wedged up front, flat in back ) w/ grey Avila's and PT 7's.

Bozi Wedgenosed Pintail: 46" of wedgenose cambered love on randall 180's w/ 74mm Flywheels, with PT 5's.

DTS Jay Adams: hooked up right now with Indy 169's on wedged risers and 98a ABEC NoSkoolz all the way around.

Gravity 39" Team Rider: wheels = gravity street g's ( 92a/front & 85a back ); trucks = Tracker B2's on 1/2 wedged risers front and back; deck = 7 ply maple with nose and kick tail/black grip; deck color = natural w/silver bottom finish.

Firnspeigel 'Scorpion': 52". I'm running it now on 1/8" shock pads, Randall 180's and Avila's with PT 5's.

"The difference between the almost-right word & the right word is really a large matter - it's the difference between the lightening bug and lightening." -- Mark Twain